Whether you are thinking of selling or planning to stay in your home forever, here are some tips to keep your home in Tip-Top shape throughout the year.

 In the Winter:

Request energy audits from your electric and gas companies.  Fixing energy leaks in the winter will also help you to save on summer cooling bills.

Keep your product and appliance manuals together in one drawer or file.  Place warranty expiration dates on your calendar.

 Do your painting. Late winter in Las Cruces, before the winds come, is usually very temperate.  This is a perfect time to paint indoors or outdoors, when the weather is dry & mild and the paint will dry quickly.

 Clean ...


Las Cruces Real Estate and Homes


1. SOLD 4024 ShadowRun: Best Wishes Bret and Kristin.

2. PURCHASED 6840 ViaEmma: Manuel and Marva, Good luck in your new home.

3. SOLD 4423 OrganMesaLoop: Steve & Traci, Thank you for your loyalty. It was an honor to represent you.

4. PURCHASED 5635 CharlesRussell: Karen, we wish you much happiness in your new home.

5. SOLD 5765 VistaVerde: Congratulations Judi Keith. It was our pleasure to represent you in the sale of your home.

6. PURCHASED 3272 Eagle Ridge: Good luck in your new home, Tom. It was great getting to know you

7. SOLD 3630 Sparrow Rd: To Jeff Graham, wishing you all the best.

8. SOLD 905-8 Conway Avenue: Dear Betty, It was an honor to help you sell your home.

9. SOLD 2496 Gila Bend Loop: To Pat Rood, It was our pleasure to represent you again. Best of luck in Ohio.

10. SOLD 729 Hellenic: Congratulations Lea Brownfield. It was our pleasure to represent you in selling this property.

11. SOLD 3001 Ronna: Best of Luck, Mr. Parsons. It was an honor to know you.

12. SOLD 924 Raleigh: To Andy & Rita, Thank you for your trust.  Wishing you well in California.

13. SOLD Calle Tercera x Calle de Colon: My friend, Margie Evans, we sold your lot! Hooray!

14. PURCHASED: 2262 La Paloma: Congratulations,  my dear friends, Abel & Monica.

15. PURCHASED: 5000 Mother Lode: Best of Luck to Jerry and Ann in your new home.

16. SOLD: 393 E San Miguel: Congratulations Kim! Good luck in your future endeavors.